Live from shackspace: GSM-enthusiasts working on a setup involving several old Motorola phones and Neo Freerunners.

It’s been brooding for some time now in the background but we’ve got a growing group of hackers working with OsmocomBB and several models of cellphones pulled of eBay and other sources. Currently most efforts are spent on getting all phones up to date to arrive at a known and tested mono-culture of devices which all behave in the same way. The red hooded hacker (symbolic photo) is engaged in fearless firmware flashing working towards that goal.

There’s multiple Openmoko Neo Freerunners and Motorola C123 available for hacking. One aim by some of our fellow hackers is to find out whether or not a GSM phone can be connected to a classic landline PBX setup while maintaining a GSM connection.

If you want to join the GSM hacking fun, just drop a mail to our public mailinglist and get in touch.

Bild: miefda / shackspace

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Urspünglich gepostet: Februar 4th, 2011
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