Building a quad-copter was one of the early ideas/projects around right at founding time of shackspace last year. @ansi and @hdznrrd went ahead and both bought a kit from Mikrokopter. After near-complete assembly hdznrrd got sidetracked and ansi went on to other things.

Late 2010 hdznrrd revived his side of the project, bought missing parts (receiver, remote control, chargers and extra LiPo packs) and got the copter up and runni^W flying. In the meantime several quad-copter enthusiasts visited and at times joined the fun flying around in front of the space. Amongst them one copter using an Arduino as flight-controller.

The copter is already sporting a battery pouch made from duct tape, a top-cover, and several smaller modifications. improvements, and fixed.

If you’re interesting in messing around with flying, driving, swimming, or diving toys of any kind come join the fun at shackspace!

Bild: hadez / shackspace (CC BY-NC-SA)

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Urspünglich gepostet: Februar 3rd, 2011
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