We did it!

This weekend we’ve managed to move everything we’ve planned to move in two days in just one single day.
Thanks a lot to everyone involved!  This would not have been possible without the help of a great many people.

A very special thanks goes out to everyone who donated to us, be it through PayPal, wire transfer or BitCoins.
You’re awesome!  We’ll be putting the donations to good use, paying for renovation, infrastructure, and moving costs.
If you would still like to donate something, please do not hesitate 😉

From now on shackspace is located at:

shack e.V.
Ulmer Straße 255
70327 Stuttgart-Wangen

We’re still working on many details and are busy unpacking and setting up everything.  The shackspace open status monitor is not working yet (give the space a call at +49 (0)178 6624218 to check if it’s open), Internet is supposed to be hooked up some time next week, the WiFi door lock is not yet installed and there’s a lot of boxes piled up in the lounge.
Over the following days we’ll push out more info on what happened this past couple of weeks.  Photos were taken and videos recorded, there’s stories to be told.

Again, to everyone involved in whichever way:  Thank you, thank you so much!

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