A while ago already, @h0uz3 (camera & editing) and @hdznrrd (as Dr. Nerd, Evil Genius and Alstair McFnord, Industrialist) decided to create a filmed tour of shackspace’s new location.  They’ve joined forces with @rel0c8 (as Armin) to bring you the following goody (in German):

Shackrundgang 2.0 Beta from shack e.V. Hackerspace Stuttgart on Vimeo.

Note: by now the lounge looks a lot better and there will be another video showing the tons of changes that happened since the video was shot. You can expect this some time after our opening party, which will be in a week from now on Saturday, June 18th.

Also, outtakes:

Shackrundgang 2.0 Beta – Die Outtakes from shack e.V. Hackerspace Stuttgart on Vimeo.

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Urspünglich gepostet: Juni 12th, 2011
Tags: Allgemein

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  1. Againstreality | Juni 12th, 2011 at 22:47

    Nur um euch vorzuwahrnen. Ich komme demnächst mal vorbei und wehe ich finde das Kaminzimmer nicht. 😉
    Aber mal im ernst cooles Selbstportrait.


    Hans aus Mainz/Wiesbaden

  2. hadez | Juni 13th, 2011 at 14:04

    Besten dank 🙂 Besucher sind natuerlich immer und jederzeit willkommen!

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