We’ve had a really busy weekend at shackspace and a ton of things happened.

In limited detail:

  • In preparation of the upcoming LHC2 event we’ve cleared out two spare rooms that can be used as sleeping quarters if you do not have a hotel room or other place to stay.  Protip: bring a sleeping mat and the usual stuff!
  • If everything works out (last minute as usual) there will be a shackspace passport stamp available  for your hackerspace passport at LHC2.  Protip: bring your passports or receive an enhanced pat-down at the door… maybe… if you like.
  • A team of fearless engineers repaired our snack vending machine which broke Saturday night.  Protip: always, ALWAYS use cable lugs on all terminals or your vending machine will die in a fire.  Ours almost did, and it wasn’t even our fault, it was the original manufacturer’s.
  • urkrebs now has a tiny monitoring display, codename ‚oncology‚ (sic)
  • We’ve tried to get rid of or at least lessen the amount of our used up PCB etching solution.  The test failed catastrophically and we now have around twice as much crap.  Things can’t always work out the first time around.  Chemistry kicked our buttsProtip: if something works for FeCl3 it doesn’t mean it’ll work for Na2S2O8.
  • On the bright side: we’ve conducted successful galvanization experiments with the left-over etching solution.  Achievement unlocked!  There will be more experiments with shiny results in the future.
  • A reprap mendel was spotted on Saturday!  It’s still work in progress and needs some fine-tuning.
  • There was (a limited amount of) Kinect hacking going on.
  • More things that I forgot 😡

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Urspünglich gepostet: August 22nd, 2011
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