hgg_earth_rgb_pos-72dpiHackerspace Global Grid (HGG) is a community driven project aiming to build a distributed measurement platform with space applications. Would there be a better place than space unconferences to present it? We, the team behind HGG who are mostly shackspace members, thought “nay!” and presented our distributed ground station network project for tracking satellites on even two of those SpaceUps in a row.

SpaceUp is a barcamp kind of gathering where virtually everyone with enthusiasm for space can attend, present and discuss space topics. And the best thing about those unconferences is that the time schedule is formed directly during the event itself by the participants themselves. So when you’re quick you can just block a slot and have your space related talk. It’s an unconventional conference, thus unconference.

SpaceUp Stuttgart

The first one had been in our hometown at SpaceUp Stuttgart in the Space Center Baden-Württemberg of the Institute of Space Systems at the University of Stuttgart on 27th October 2012. Germany’s first space unconference used this exquisite location to bring together experts from the European Space Agency (ESA), German Aerospace Center (DLR) and further faculties and ordinary people just like us. As stated being part of the comic relief part of the event we shared our enthusiasm for space science. And it turned out very well and we received some great feedback and also inspired the audience that a community based space project can have it’s place between advanced mammothian space projects.

SpaceUp Bangalore

After the Stuttgart event we had been contacted and kindly asked by the organizers of India’s first SpaceUp if we would like to send a video “Message from abroad” and we gratefully replied “yea” and rushed in a video for their unconference in 1st December. India’s efforts in furthering space technology is increasing for the last several years and there are a lot of universities involved in nano and small satellite projects. The SpaceUp India organizers wanted us as an additional point of view for them that you can start small and still achieve goals. And open-source and especially open-data and education approaches are important objectives for India’s space missions. So we share similar attitudes. Unluckily we couldn’t attend ourselves and so had to send in a pre-recorded video for failsafe reasons (Internet connections tend to hate live conferences, you know!) but we received flattering reactions to our video and the organizers told us the audience liked it.

So we say a big THANK YOU to both SpaceUp Stuttgart and SpaceUp Bangalore. It had been a pleasure being part of it and we’re eagerly looking forward for the next iterations. We also kindly invite you to follow our HGG efforts on twitter, our mailinglist or at hgg.aero and help our grassroots space program to achieve its goals.

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