currentEveryone in and around Stuttgart knows about S21, the big and controversial train station mostly noticeable because of the multitude of walled up construction sites and gorgeous blue piping snaking through Stuttgart. shackspace had to move in the past because the first location we were in was torn down as part of the S21 project. But, since we needed more space anyway, it wasn’t to bad.

However, little did we know, S21 would come to haunt us once more. Right behind the new location there’s now a huge construction site where they’re doing excavation work on a tunnel part cutting beneath the Neckar river.
And sadly, the populus is left out when it comes to watching the progress: the first thing they built was a huge fence all around the site.
Lucky for us, we’re not on ground level and right next to the building site.

Introducing: Instacam!

Resident hacker makefu spent some time on this project yesterday (it started a while ago already) and got it working in a stable fashion. You can read up on the project documentation over at the wiki.

So head over to and enjoy shackspace’s future Spaßbad in the making. Because, hey, tunneling beneath a river! What could possible go wrong? 😀


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