nick rixx
freenode rixx
xmpp rixx@jabber.shackspace.de
mail shack at foyfoy dot de
twitter @codingrixx
code github
birthday 21.10.
location Stuttgart
origin Berlin


  • learning. a lot.
  • Python
  • blinking LEDs, 'cause, you know, shiny.
  • language and literature



  • obai_brause: make ALL THE OBAI at 30c3 (and probably afterwards, too)
  • cacert get 100 CAcert points and start assuring others
  • shackbot - a new attempt to build the one and only shackbot. Probably failed in favor of Entchen.


in spe

  • offline_knowledge: have a catalogue somewhere, and remove books no-one will ever want to read again
  • learn smb soldering and stuff with tinymega
  • wdm: help finishing the Wold Domination Map
  • clean up the anytouchkiosk code
  • get over my shyness and attend python
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