Arcade cabs


legacy: kabinett.shack (still works - but no one could ever remember)

Project Owner exco+makefu
Helping hands wookie
momo (+friend - name not known)
Initiator (Inactive)micha, wookie
  • Röhre: Sony Trinitron KV21-X2100B BE-3B chassis verbaut
  • * Spare: Sony Trinitron KV-21X1D (verkackt!, exco)


log (from the top of our heads makefu, exco)

  • 11/2012 micha: crowdfunding - sucess - with police involvement and everything ;-)
  • 7/2013 vga scart converter build this one (parts: exco, etching: timm, soldering: phrewfuf)
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-sxpoldeo5rs_vja86zxvfki_aaaaaaaaykg_txcgjtsnteg_s640-ic42_img_20130714_013325.jpg
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-y_4_qw3-oag_uitwccjjuji_aaaaaaaaykg_hb-yps4xxwm_s800-ic42_img_20130808_220017.jpg
  • milling the button plate (exco)
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-sw3cl2ndwly_uitxdrlqpzi_aaaaaaaaykg_br9k0fyyndu_s640-ic42_img_20130724_205155.jpg
  • 8/2013 sourcing a trinitron black tube (exco)
  • hatchet man: wookie
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-rluyqzllyxa_vja8_va3qai_aaaaaaaaykg_ywubkrbfp2w_s800-ic42_img_20130809_000419.jpg
  • interim result: not bad
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-n2b4enurow0_uhnmkmuod-i_aaaaaaaaykg_dwkrwjjzp3y_s640-ic42_img_20130809_054706.jpg
  • replacing the „dead“ original tube with the sony trinitron tube
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-vfmzohbjqk8_uh6mn7uq3bi_aaaaaaaaykg_zgrulhmr3ts_s640-ic42_img_20130828_231022.jpg
  • the important stuff (ttb)
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-sfx7qvzwmme_vja9j8l3xii_aaaaaaaaykg_pufmfliri9c_s800-ic42_img_20131012_193209.jpg
  • 10/2013 auto channel select on boot
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-spijr8xaclg_vja9kobbj6i_aaaaaaaaykg_o9pf9ibkf58_s640-ic42_img_20131028_204647.jpg
  • 12/2013 enterprise Anschalter (sourced and modified from urkrebs). Never really worked. (samu, armin, exco)
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-yayrtexoal8_uuwmuqxgrhi_aaaaaaaaykg_5sdzkc6zree_s800-ic42_img_20131201_172411.jpg
  • 3/2014 ESCAPE button: to exit a game - (momo + some_dude). A complete PS2 Keyboard Plate became a single Escape Button. Talk about abundance society
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-_jsjzl_q4aa_u0idkfvedli_aaaaaaaaykg_abvfea1aeiq_s800-ic42_img_20140211_221654.jpg
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-6dglvldwgvw_vja9inuwxwi_aaaaaaaa0hs_qtvuebw41eg_s640-ic42_img_20151005_224844.jpg
  • 08/2014 → Wahcade deployment
  • 12/2014 → 27C3 Bespaßung
  • 01/2015 → Wahcade Documentation
  • 10/2015 romfilter (makefu » exco)
  • leave the dangerous things to the pros (samu)
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-lr5eqdlkvsa_vjahxfxmpri_aaaaaaaa0as_ldwlelrwup4_s640-ic42_img_20151008_213953.jpg
  • beating like monkeys with a banana on the random parts inside the tuner with a soldering iron … and it works:
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-l8p3agsdju4_vgqepoowp4i_aaaaaaaaykg_wriu_zrqd1a_s640-ic42_img_20150929_005053.jpg
  • counter for the virtual inserted money (with science!) (makefu, exco)
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-iayb5-dzod4_vja82lpvwci_aaaaaaaa0hy_zqrwawctsog_s640-ic42_img_20151006_204850.jpg
    • lh3.googleusercontent.com_-z0o7fnxielc_vj57igvgefi_aaaaaaaa0ze_8flxl2eawrg_s640-ic42_img_20151107_232302.jpg

install new games

  • arcadeomat.shack (mame games filter)
  • search for your desired game
  • select → install
  • to update the game list on the arcade
    • use menu button (arrow) on the left arcadeomat joystick
    • choose game list options'
    • generate list
    • wait forever
    • play forever


Controller Linux Kernel Patching

  • Linux 3.8 mit Xin-mo kernel patch mit quirks 0x40 in USB hid
  • Von Xin-Mo sind die Arcade Controller, da es china-frickelhardware ist werden bonus patches und quirks in den treibern benoetigt

System Upgrade

System Upgrade:

pacman -Syu --ignore linux\*

Vermeidet linux kernel upgrade

Kernel Install Archlinux

Fresh install

pacman -U linux-3.8-1-x86_64-kabinett.pkg.tar.xz

Module Loading

in ~/.xinitrc:

sudo modprobe -r usbhid
sudo modprobe usbhid quirks=0x16c0:0x05e1:0x40


for a complete walkthru, see: Wahcade Documentation in Git Repository


(not sure if this is already obsolete… at least it is not in the ~/.xinitrc anymore)

  • export DISPLAY=:0
  • xrandr –newmode „720x576_60.00i“ 32.67 720 744 816 912 576 577 580 597 -HSync +Vsync interlaced
  • xrandr –addmode TV-1 „720x576_60.00i“
  • xrandr –output TV-1 –mode „720x576_60.00i“



the beginnings

  • Micha's vision:
    • projects.mupfelofen.de_arcade_arcade.jpg
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