Project BURGUNDY OAKTREE's aim is to provide visual driving/walking instructions based on open map-data and annotated panoramic photos.


hadez (admin)


  • processing pipeline
    • T: took panoramic photo set
    • S: stitched panorama image
    • A: annotated panorama image
    • P: published
Location TSAP
S Nordbahnhof xxx
U Nordbahnhof / footpath to train bridge xxx
Nordbahnhofstrasse / Eckartstrasse xxx
Otto-Umfeld-Strasse @62 xxx
Otto-Umfeld-Strasse @Wagenhallen xx
Footpath next to traintracks (low) xx
Below train bridge xxx
On train bridge / stairs down xxx
Behind gate w/ view around corner to shackspace xxx
In front of shackspace xxx
Inside shackspace xxx
Presselstrasse / footpath to train bridge / Erbenolweg
Heilbronner Strasse / Erbenolweg
Heilbronner Strasse / Presselstrasse / U Eckhardshaldenweg / footpath to Wagenhallenxx
Heilbronner Strasse / Frieddhofstrasse
Friedhofstrasse / Nordbahnhofstrasse

Here's a quick preview of what the individual images might look like (top-left is by foot from S+U Nordbahnhof, top-right is by car starting Nordbahnhofstrasse / Eckartstrasse.

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