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Add affordable GPS technology to your µC-project with the iTrax02/08 GPS receiver.



Seit einiger Zeit findet man auf eBay GPS receiver im 4er-Pack zu einem unschlagbaren Preis von rund 6,30€ exkl. passende Buchsenleisten für etwa 4,50€ und 3,80€ Versandkosten.
Dabei handelt es sich um iTrax02/08 receiver von Fastrax Oy, die bereits vor einigen Jahren abgekündigt1) wurden und nun in Restbeständen (500+)2) von Babelduck Cybernetics vertrieben werden (Hackerspace-Rabatte möglich).

Diese Seite soll nun jedem Interessierten die Möglichkeit bieten, eigene GPS-Projekte umzusetzen oder bereits bestehende Projekte aufzurüsten (you know, it's like bluetooth; »everything is better with bluetooth« – Sheldon Cooper).

This will include:

  • Documentation (e.g. tutorials), TBD
  • document collection (e.g. datasheets, application notes etc.), ✓
  • Eagle libraries (finished, but yet untested), ✓
  • an iTrax02/08 evaluation kit to make development easier, ✓
  • sample hardware and code examples. WIP

Current tasks

  • Seeking appropriate parts for a basic circuit. WIP




  • Links-section started.


  • More documents and software added.


  • Project started,
  • iTrax02 specifications, documents and software added.

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Document collection

Thanks to Richard Souter.

Evaluation kit

GPS receiver

GPS Workbench



iTrax02 specifications

General: L1 frequency, C/A code (SPS)
12 independent tracking channels
Separate search & acquisition engine
Based on two-chip GPS Solution
- RF chip, uN8021
- Base band chip, uN8031
Update rate: 1 fix/s or user configurable
Accuracy: Position: 3m (CEP), 6m 2DRMS
Velocity: 0.2 m/s (50%)
Time: 20ns RMS (static mode)
Reacquisition: 100ms typical (signal reacquisition)
TTFF: Cold Start: 50 s typical
Warm Start: 35 s
Hot Start: 8 s
Quick Start: 3 s
Dynamics: Acceleration: 4 G
Jerk: 4 m/s³
Sensitivity: -150dBm (tracking)
Operating Voltage: 2.7V…3.3V (linearly regulated)
Operating Temp: -40°C…+85°C
Antenna Supply: Same as board supply or
Separate external supply (e.g. 3.3V)
Antenna: External, passive or active
Power Drain: 130mW @ 2.7V (in continuous mode)
(Active antenna power not included)
I/O Ports: Dual Asynchronous data ports
16-bit GPIO
Dual Pulse Measurement inputs
1PPS Output
Protocol: NMEA-0183 V3.0
Proprietary iTALK binary protocol
Processor: Proprietary, 32MIPS integrated 16-bit DSP-core
RISC-like programming under Pre-emptive
Real Time Operating System Control (VSDSP RTOS)
Flash Memory: iTRAX02/8: 8MBits Flash
iTRAX02/4: 4MBits Flash
Dimensions: 26 mm × 26 mm × 4.7 mm
(Including RF shield and connector)
Weight: 4 g
System Connector: AMP 4-353515-0 (RF and I/O)
2 × 20 pin, 0.5 mm pitch
Mating Connector: AMP 4-353512-0

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Evaluation kit


Be careful with static electricity!
There are no extra means for protection against static discharge other than the CMOS-output clamping diodes of the baseband IC of iTrax02.

The device and the packaging are specifically labeled:

Please be aware of that; especially when changing jumper settings.



Till the policy is written, the device is marked as non-public. Exceptions, upon consultation.

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Notes and references

Legend of Abbreviations
OTW On the way
TBD To be done
WIP Work in progress
1) Der Nachfolger iTrax03/02 ist Pin-kompatibel.
2) Stand vom 9.8.2012, E-Mail-Anfrage
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