Optical Theremin

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This is a little (often annoying) piece of hardware. The original design was posted on PopSci.com back in 2008.

I've refined the schematic and made a board layout in Eagle which you can download below.

  • Connect a 9V battery block via the EXTPWR pin header.
  • Connect a 8 Ohm speaker via the EXTSPKR pin header.
  • By bridging pins 1 and 2 of the AON jumper you can over-ride the switch and have the device 'always on'.
  • I didn't invest too much time into finding a suitable push button, so feel free to modify the design with a button of your choosing.


Important Notes

All files released under Creative Commons non-commercial, by attribution, share-alike.

The rev2_20100830 board is not tested. The only live and working setup is a perf-board based system.

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