Quoting the official announcement:

As tickets to Google I/O were sold out within ~50 minutes, worldwide „Google I/O Extended Events“ (mostly organized by GTUGs) will make it possible to watch the keynotes live on a stable stream with other interested developers, fans and friends.
The Stuttgart GTUG and the Black Forest GTUG join in together to bring Google I/O to Stuttgart!
There will be food & drinks – and Swag – for all participants and a (hopefully) stable livestream.

Please register to let us know how many people are attending!

Date: May 10th and May 11th, 2011
Time: 17:00 CET, the keynotes start on 18:00 CET
Location: shackspace Stuttgart (Ulmer Straße 255, 70327 Stuttgart, Maps) – www.shackspace.de

Costs: It’s free!

Please do not forget to register your ticket with Eventbrite:
or use the form here.

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We did it!

This weekend we’ve managed to move everything we’ve planned to move in two days in just one single day.
Thanks a lot to everyone involved!  This would not have been possible without the help of a great many people.

A very special thanks goes out to everyone who donated to us, be it through PayPal, wire transfer or BitCoins.
You’re awesome!  We’ll be putting the donations to good use, paying for renovation, infrastructure, and moving costs.
If you would still like to donate something, please do not hesitate 😉

From now on shackspace is located at:

shack e.V.
Ulmer Straße 255
70327 Stuttgart-Wangen

We’re still working on many details and are busy unpacking and setting up everything.  The shackspace open status monitor is not working yet (give the space a call at +49 (0)178 6624218 to check if it’s open), Internet is supposed to be hooked up some time next week, the WiFi door lock is not yet installed and there’s a lot of boxes piled up in the lounge.
Over the following days we’ll push out more info on what happened this past couple of weeks.  Photos were taken and videos recorded, there’s stories to be told.

Again, to everyone involved in whichever way:  Thank you, thank you so much!

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It’s time, we have to move!

On March 31st Deutsche Bahn (owner of the property) will close down the whole area around the old shackspace location at Stuttgart’s Nordbahnhof.  Everything still left in the location after that date is lost.
shackspace is on the move this weekend!

We’ve already rented a big truck and are ready to get everything done Friday/Saturday/Sunday this week (we kind of have to).
If you want to drop by and help out, come join us Saturday morning 10am sharp and Sunday 11am sharp at the old shackspace location (Äusserer Nordbahnhof 12).

If you want to join us, please let us know!  We’ve got a wiki page set up where we’ll be organizing this weeks workload.  We’ve also got a mailing list just for the move.

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The „server room taskforce“, as the team calls themselves, spent the whole of Wednesday and parts of Thursday at 0xff (the new shackspace location) where they brought in two 42RU and one 21RU racks, patch panels, switches, etc.
Result after ~15 hours of work is that the smaller rack is in position and already equipped with two patch panels for the LAN-Network, which would work theoretically.  Also the 42RU IBM racks are in position, which wasn’t as easy as it sounds since those things weigh easily over 100kg and are about two meters high.
We found out how to disassemble the racks so they’d fit into the elevator, transported them to the 1st floor and reassembled them in the server room.  But when we wanted to place the first server in the rack we noticed the whole rack had a width of 19″ plus an extra ~10cm.  Now we need to find a way to „shrink“ this IBM Blade Center rack to a 19″ standard rack. If you have any hints for us don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below this post.

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It was a very busy weekend indeed.
Removing the excess walls left in the new shackspace location by the company who owned the building before turned out to be harder than expected. The wall elements are anything but light-weight (estimates are in the range of 80 to 90/kg per element). However, the hacker lounge and seminar room areas are now properly opened up and the wall between workshop, storage area, and electronics lab was left in for simplicities sake.

After the huge set-back ruining the floor of the workshop during carpet removal we initially thought that this will not work.  However, another try with the carpet covering the hacker lounge showed way better results.  The carpet is fully gone with the screed undamaged.  There was still some patches of old glue sticking to the floor but that was solved with power tools and violence.

Check out the gallery for some more photos.

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