shackspace’s @dop3j0e had a big problem.  A password problem.  Quite a while ago he set up a password for his Thinkpad’s harddrive and chose to unlock his drive using the built-in fingerprint scanner.  Years passed, thumbs were drawn over the scanner countless times, passwords were changed frequently.  But not all passwords were changed.  That one password for his harddrive never did change and over time he simply forgot what the actual password was.

The thumb print scanner kept working.  However, to change or disable the password you have to enter it by keyboard in the BIOS since in this case it does not accept the thumb print scanner as input.
This poses a real problem.  How do you access the disk if your fingerprint scanner dies?  Or what if the laptop dies and you have to unlock the drive from a different machine that doesn’t have the password stored in the fingerprint scanner?

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As previously mentioned, we’ve had a nice long Easter weekend with lots of cooking going on at shackspace.

After a really nice BBQ session on Friday, Saturday started off with a shopping spree.  A rough total of 280 EUR was spent on food alone which turned out to be a worthwhile investment 🙂

shackspace Easter weekend menu

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@SaijSaij provided us with the most awesome and authentic Thuringian sausages.  Being a native Thuringian himself he of course brought the real product after returning from a trip back home.  Just plain delicious!  If you’ve never tasted the real thing, you’re definitely missing out.  By the way, for that little extra, drip some Koestritzer over the sausages while they’re on the grill and make sure the coals are no longer burning and not too hot.

On top of that there was pork fillet marinated in @hdznrrd’s honey/habanero marinade.

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shackspace Mitglied h0uz3 wird am Oster-Samstag den 23. April um 15 Uhr eine an Anfänger gerichtete Einführung in den Videoschnitt mit Final Cut Express 4 geben.  Da Plätze für diesen kostenfreien Event nur in sehr begrenztem Umfang vorhanden sind, bitten wir vorab um eine kurze Anmeldung.

Bitte tragt euch auch in den Planer ein, falls ihr gerne teilnehmen möchtet, der Termin aber unpassend ist.  Dadurch können wir später entscheiden, ob der Event möglicherweise wiederholt werden soll.

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Above video shows the Half-Life inspired dramatization of how to disassemble the classic German yellow phone booth (replicas only of course, and only for educational purposes).
It’s a piece of cake to take off the top, the door, even the floor.  There’s a very limited number of bolts that need to be removed by counter-boring to get the floor and top removed, everything else is held together by screws. But once you’re left with the three remaining sides, things get tricky.
Here’s how you do it.

All round corners are clipped in place but the clip needs some force to get unclipped (the metal thing pried loose in the video is one half of the clip).
We’ll start off with the easiest of the four corner pieces, the door hinge.  You do not actually have to remove this part, but it’s first of all quite easy to do and it gives you nice insight into what the clip mechanism looks like, which is crucial to understand to allow you to remove the rear corner pieces.

  1. Remove the three screws holding the round corner piece of the door hinge in place.
  2. The door hinge corner piece can be pried loose easily once the screws are removed (use crowbar).

Now, for the two rear pieces.

  1. Use a crowbar to push the corner upwards by around 2 to 3cm.
    You can do this by placing the crowbar between the rounded-off top of the rear corner and the two side walls and use it as a lever to push the corner upwards.
  2. Force the crowbar down into the gap you just created and try to unclip the top most clip.
  3. Start pulling on the corner piece in a diagonally outward direction.
  4. While pulling, use the crowbar to pry each clip loose from top to bottom.
  5. Once the corner piece is gone, remove the screws holding each clip in place.
  6. The clips now pull right off the corner, allowing you to take the walls apart.

Disclaimer: two phone booth replicas have been slightly hurt in the making of this video.

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