The Stuttgart-based Hackerspace Global Grid Team meets on Saturday and Sunday afternoon for in-depth hack-sessions to work on the project.
Everyone interested is free to join in to help or simply copy by and talk to us.

Event details:
Everyone’s welcome! (Donations towards shack e.V. are welcome)
Date: Saturday and Sunday afternoon and late into the night
Driving directions: U4/U9 station “Im Degen”, Ulmer Straße 255, Stuttgart Wangen (across from Kulturhaus Arena)

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We’ll be meeting on a regular basis at the space to clean up!
Nobody likes to work or hang out in a messy environment and lots of people produce lots of … well, leftovers 🙂

Here’s what we do:

  • Meet for an hour of cleaning-rage
  • Everyone gets a more or less randomly selected task assigned (there’s single-person tasks and multiple-person tasks)
  • Do it
  • Feel good about it

The key thing here is: cleaning doesn’t have to be a big ugly mess if you do it often enough and if you don’t have to do the same thing every time.

Check out the cleaning rage wiki page for more details.

Be awesome!

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