Late Friday afternoon and all of Saturday we were hard at work at the new shackspace location, moving walls and trying to get the old (and admittedly kind of disgusting) office carpet removed.

Removing the walls is pretty tedious but well manageable working in teams.  However, we noticed that that removing the walls was not possible without causing some damage to ceiling, pillars and flooring which we’ll have to fix later on.

The first image is a partial view of the largest room we’ll have, the open hacker’s lounge.  The lounge will cover almost the same space as the whole of shackspace 1.0 (100 to 120sqm), so everyone can look forward to a nice, big, central community area.

What’s not working out so well is removing the old carpet.  Someone thought it would be nice to glue the carpet to the floor by putting glue everywhere.  This, combined with the fact that the carpet has been in there for what feels like decades caused carpet and screed to pretty much become inseparable (as can be seen in the second photo on the left).  Since this wasn’t exactly planned for we’ll now have to look for alternatives on how to deal with this without causing more damage than necessary to keep costs within limits.

With the tools we currently have access to it turns out that getting the carpet out in just one weekend won’t be happening.  As always, work in progress 🙂

We’ve also set up a gallery specifically for the move to the new location dubbed 0xff (the address is Ulmer Strasse 255).  There should be more photos coming in over the next few days.

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