We’ve had a very busy and successful weekend (and week) and just to let you know about all the things that did happen, here’s a small re-cap.

From Friday evening to Sunday evening we’ve had a lot of visitors from JuFORUM e.V., the German junior scientist network.  They’ve been holding their yearly IT weekend, getting their infrastructure organized and up to date.

shackspace participated successfully in the Hobby & Elektronik fair where we’ve given soldering workshops, talks and presented the space and its projects.

There’s now a trinocular (stereo + camera) microscope for your SMD soldering endeavors, complete with 1.3MPix USB camera.  The analog camera and monitor that originally came with the package were instantly re-tasked as a teaching aid for workshops that do not require a microscope.

The Constellation / Hackerspace Global Grid project did a big leap towards the intermediate goal of getting a stable and accurate time-source for the distributed satellite groundstation network up and running.  The proof of concept based on EM-406 GPS modules, Arduino Mega 2560 and the Adafruit GPS Logger Shield will be further refined in the following days.

There’s new pets in town! @rel0c8 is trying to breed some artemia salina.  For science!  (And that bitter sweet memory of Yps).

There’s an increasing amount of UV fluorescent coloring on our data center floor.  You should really check it out 😉

And magic made it all complete when we’ve watched the new episode of MLP:FiM Saturday night 😀

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Urspünglich gepostet: November 21st, 2011
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  1. Micha | November 21st, 2011 at 22:28

    trinocular (stereo + camera) microscope.

    +100! thanks! 🙂

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