20. Okt. 13:00 - 18:00

NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2018 hackathon in Stuttgart

This Saturday, join the next NASA SpaceApps Challenge 2018 hackathon in

For the fifth time your team of engineers, hackers, makers and artists will
solve global problems during the biggest hackathon event on this planet
(20. & 21. October 2018) and you have the possibility to join!

During the last space apps, the Stuttgart teams were regularly among the
final 25 projects out of 900 projects in various categories. This year’s
open-source topics NASA selected challenges all about “Earth and Space”.

Please register for Stuttgart today[0] to be part of this great space
community, find your challenge to tackle, win awesome prizes and maybe
start your space start-up.

Take this chance. NASA will bring together more than 20000 people at more
than 200 locations and your project could make a change!

Infos in a nutshell:


SpaceApps Stuttgart is kindly supported by the Stuttgart chapter of the
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DGLR), shackspace
hackerspace and AerospaceResearch.net[2]. Our projects were also presented
during the International Astronautical Congress 2015 in Jerusalem, the
MRMCD 2017 and other conferences.

[0] https://2018.spaceappschallenge.org/locations/stuttgart/
[1] https://goo.gl/maps/yvdvw4tCUY22
[2] https://aerospaceresearch.net/?p=1074