10. Jan. 19:00 - 20:00

Projektvorstellung Pivilion

The Pivilion project (realized by V. Gligo & D. Karadzic as part of an Akademie Schloss Solitude Web-based Media Fellowship ‘18/19)

// About

Pivilion is a decentralized, uncensored, user-curated web gallery operating system and
management software running on nodes hosted by the general public and distributed through
clearnet and Tor.
The aim of this gallery self-hosting project is to create a free, nomadic system which
can connect art-oriented users (both creators and consumers) by offering open,
cooperative models of creation, presentation and discussion. (…) https://pivilion.net/

// Tech

The Pivilion system runs on top of Raspberry Pi hardware and is built on top of Raspbian
GNU/Linux. It has Apache server and Tor networking built in and utilizes the Tor network
to host exhibitions out of the box. The entire system and documentation are available for
download, under a permissive license. Pivilion is designed so that the gallery author can
use any network (even public networks behind firewalls) to host an online exhibition. The
system provides the user with backend access to a system for publishing images, videos or
websites within a gallery. Each Pivilion device receives a Tor onion domain automatically
the first time it’s activated.

// The production we propose to be done at Shackspace during Jan-Feb 2019

During our stay in Stuttgart (until end of Feb 2019), we wish to create and test small-
scale 3D printed sculptures as casings for the RPi and other relevant hardware (e.g.
mice, switches), to customise Pivilion system(s) physical interfaces. We have basic
experience in 3D art, and basic understanding of 3D printers (as we organize additivist
art events), but would benefit from your periodical help (e.g. to set up the printer and
advise us on troubleshooting 3D models, where to get material and similar

We have project funds to cover the material costs, the membership fee, and an advisor if
necessary, and do not ask for any financial support from Shackspace.
Same as every segment of Pivilion, the sculptures would be released online under a
permissive license.


Dina Karadžić && Vedran Gligo